Beginner! Basic knowledge about blind day and night curtains.

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Beginner! Basic knowledge about blind day and night curtains.

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Fabric curtain composition: blind day and night body, accessories, accessories. If you want to know more about curtains, you can pay attention to us!

The logistics of home delivery are systematized so that the customer receives his order in an average of three to seven days and begins to enjoy, from the first day,  made-to-measure blinds and curtains and a Five-year guarantee on mechanisms, accessories, and spare parts.

UNITEC tracks each order, thanks to a team of professionals that offers support at all stages of the purchase: from the time the customer chooses to the time it is installed. Both with the tutorials on the web and in the Customer Service ( there are no questions left unanswered.

Finished blind day and night curtain:​

out door roller blind

★ According to the material, structure and function can be divided into: rolling curtain, folding curtain (shutter curtain, day and night curtain, 100 fold curtain), vertical curtain.

★ Rolling curtain - the blind day and night fabric is processed by resin, rolled into a roller shape, and the way of rising and falling is used by pulling rope or chain.

Roller blind day and night:​

Folding curtains —— (blinds, day and night curtains, pleated curtains, honeycomb curtains)


According to its different functions, it can be divided into blinds, night and day blinds can be adjusted arbitrarily between light and light. Honeycomb curtain, folding curtain, etc., wherein honeycomb curtain has sound absorption effect.

a. Shutter can be divided into: wood shutter, aluminum shutter, bamboo shutter.

b.The honeycomb curtain design is unique, and the pull cord is hidden in the hollow layer. Strong UV resistance, waterproof performance and heat insulation function. Maintain the indoor temperature to achieve a good energy-saving effect

Classification and characteristics by blind day and night fabric composition:​

1. Cotton curtain: blind day and night made of cotton fabric, with heat absorption, heat resistance, soft texture, good feel. Easy to shrink, easy to deform, easy to wrinkle


2. Linen curtains: curtains made of linen, high strength, moisture absorption, heat conduction, good air permeability, good sag, strong texture, more suitable for pastoral style design


3. Polyester curtain: with high strength, good elasticity, heat and wear resistance, bright color, do not fade, do not shrink and other advantages


4. Blended curtain: tall and straight, not easy to crease, easy to wash, fast drying characteristics


5. Silk curtain: The fabric is noble and gorgeous, composed of 100% natural silk, which is more suitable for classical style design

Classification by process:​

1. Calico curtains

Printing colors and patterns on plain blank cloth in the form of transfer or garden mesh is called calico cloth (Characteristics: bright colors, rich patterns, delicate)

2. Dyed cloth curtains

The color of a single color on the white germ cloth is called dyed cloth (characteristics: elegant, natural)

3. Yarn-dyed fabric curtains

According to the needs of the pattern, the gauze is first classified and dyed, and then interwoven to form a color pattern to become yarn-dyed fabric (characteristics: strong color fastness, yarn-dyed texture, strong three-dimensional sense)

4. Embroidered cloth curtains

Curtains with hand embroidery or computer embroidery made of decorative cloth by design and sewing (Features: beautiful and easy to match furniture)

5. Jacquard curtains

The warp and weft lines are intricate in the fabric to weave a raised pattern called jacquard, and the fabric woven with jacquard technology is called jacquard cloth (features: heavy, strong, unique color, three-dimensional sense, and is used for home accessories, bedding, and can also be used for clothing).

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