What Is The Principle Of Blackout Good Window Shades?​

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What Is The Principle Of Blackout Good Window Shades?​

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Blackout cloth principle, good window shades have the effect of blocking strong light and ultraviolet light, there are two forms of blackout cloth made of curtains: one is made of curtain type, the use of blackout cloth is relatively light and easy to fold. Generally, Velcro is used to combine the selected curtain and blackout cloth into one, so that the coated side faces outward to block the exposure of strong light.

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There are three main materials for shading cloth:​

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1, the front is the original grey cloth, the back is PVC coating! The price is about 10 yuan/meter, but the environmental protection performance is poor.

2, grid grey cloth with PVC cloth, the back is also coated, feel like plastic, thicker than the previous, shading effect is good! The disadvantage is more brittle, more environmental protection.

3, linen and cotton blended products, their own weight is relatively heavy, good sag, can be directly made into curtains, environmental protection performance is good, but the color is single. The price of the shading cloth ranges from ten yuan/meter to dozens of yuan/meter, hundreds of yuan/meter, and the shading cloth has the effect of blocking strong light and ultraviolet light.

Structure composition of bead type good window shades:​

Bead roller curtain is generally composed of upper rail, upper tube, fabric, lower rail, making head, bead, installation code and so on. The mechanical coil is generally an aluminum alloy tube with anodized surface treatment, and PVC inserts are connected between the fabric and the coil.

No need to sew, simple assembly, can be restructured in the field, the use of brake spring in the operation process to prevent the fabric from sliding freely, the tail plug shaft adopts copper shaft to increase the service life, the operation of the bead using tight bead, so that the force point between the bead and the bead wheel increases, thereby increasing the smoothness of the operation, the lower rail is generally composed of aluminum alloy bottom rail, there are also PVC materials.

The working principle of bead type good window shades:​

The good window shades mainly relies on the upper tube of the head part of the drive control roller curtain lifting, the operation of the roller mechanism only need to pull the bead, drive the bead wheel rotation, at this time the torsion spring in the head to drive the shaft wheel and fabric along the scroll rotation and support plate rotation, so that the roller fabric up and down. It stops running when it reaches top dead center, and it stops running when it reaches bottom dead center. After the fabric is all hung down, due to the gravity of the flat rail and its own gravity, the entire curtain remains vertical.

The control part of the rolling curtain mechanism is a torsion spring transmission device, which is generally a universal head. According to the weight and height requirements of the curtain fabric, you can choose a heavy head or a light head, and configure different specifications of coil tubes and fabrics.

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Post time: Nov-19-2023


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