Which type of roller blind should I choose for my house

We decided to write this article to share professional advice with our readers on which roller blind to choose for each room in their house, apartment or office.


First of all, it is important to be clear that the roller blind decoration should be used in conjunction with the environment, which means that contrary to what has happened in the past, those traditional roller blinds that use a lot of fabric have a frame on the upper part of the guide rail. Play an important role in the decoration of the environment.


You hope that roller blinds will not change the structure, lines and colors of your house or office, but must be transformed into functional components that can help you control the light, temperature and privacy in the space.


For this reason, the space used by the roller blind is very small. Ideally, if it is technically feasible, it should be installed in the opening of the window or very close to the window to achieve its main purpose, which is not Disturb your main structural space.


living room

This is a social space and does not require more privacy or sun control, so we recommend setting this room as “sunscreen roller blind” or “translucent zebra roller blind” (if you have a budget), please consider the average of the latter The cost is twice that of plain weave roller blinds. Simple sunscreen, although cheap, is definitely cost-effective.




Considering that the bedroom is a room in the house that requires complete privacy. In some cases, it is completely blackout and blackout. Our suggestion is always different types of blackout roller blinds. If you have a budget, double roller blinds or PVC blackout roller blinds are functional higher. Double roller blinds can pull down the blackout roller blind when you need privacy, and pull down the sun roller blind when you need light.


Only choose the benefits of blackout roller blinds


low cost.

It turns black completely.

Temperature control (shading is a great fabric! It will darken, do not allow low or high temperatures, and can also help you retain the internal heat of the room, thus saving a lot of energy).

Only choose the disadvantage of “power failure”.


A room that is always dark, and when you open the blind, the room is completely covered.

The benefits of choosing double roller blinds (sun protection + shading)


With light control, you can raise the blackout curtains moderately or completely, while the roller blinds will continue to maintain the privacy of the room, and it will let in the light you want.

Complete power failure-(same as selecting power failure only)

Temperature control-(same as selecting only “power failure”)

Disadvantages of choosing double rollers (screen + shading)


Cost-The cost of this option is exactly twice that of the “Power Outage” option, and it will not panic. Roller curtains are not expensive, have a long service life, and you can get the maximum investment income in at least 8 years.

Post time: Sep-29-2020


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