Household zebra roller blind UNZ18-001

Short Description:

Fabric name: Household zebra roller blind UNZ18-001

Code: UNZ18-001~UNZ18-004

Composition(TR): 100% Polyester.

Application: Roller blinds,pattern zebra roller blind,zebra roller blinds

Technical Data:

• Composition (TR ): 100% Polyester

• Width: 2.5m-2.8m

• Light Fastness: 5-6 (Blue Scale) Tested to ISO 105-B02:2014


• UV Protection: 90%-95% Tested to AS/NZS 4399:1996



• Surface dust should be removed with duster or soft cloth. Never use abrasive products or solvents/industrial based cleaners. 

Product Detail






The household zebra roller blind UNZ18-001 is made of 100% polyester yarn. It is one of the latest hot-selling zebra blinds developed by UNITEC in 2020. This translucent polyester striped zebra roller blind has a layered feel on the surface and a transparent layered structure. This is a very beautiful and stylish zebra roller blind. With the popularity of roller blinds, more and more people use zebra roller blinds. Hotel zebra pattern blind, office zebra pattern blind, school zebra pattern blind, bedroom zebra pattern blind, etc. The price of semi-domestic zebra roller blind UNZ18-001 series is also very reasonable and cheap. This is your first choice for house decoration.

Household zebra roller blind UNZ18-001
The household zebra roller blind UNZ18-001 is also very fashionable. The various designs and color choices of zebra roller blinds have always been the choice of many people to decorate their windows. The household zebra roller blind UNZ18 will not make your house obsolete, and the unique stripes make your house full of colors. In addition, whether it is a new product or a classic zebra roller shutter, UNITEC supports customization. You can customize the width, color and size of the zebra shutter. Not only that, our products can also be customized with fireproof and waterproof functions to provide more protection for your family.
The household zebra roller blind UNZ18-001 has perfect light control. In addition to controlling the level of light entering the room to avoid excessive sunlight, you can also use a computer or tablet because there will be no dizzy light disturbing you.


What is the composition of the household zebra roller blind UNZ18-001 series?
The translucent polyester striped zebra pattern roller blind UNZ16 is made of 100% polyester fiber. At UNITEC, we only use high-quality polyester filament yarns to produce our fabrics. Some yarns are imported from Korea, Pakistan and India.

Household zebra roller blind UNZ18-001

How much width can be made?


We can make 2.0m, 2.5m, 2.8m


What is the use of household zebra roller blind UNZ18-001?

good question? It does darken your room! You really need to consider whether the room must be completely darkened during the day. Then both blackout roller blinds and sunscreen roller blinds can provide you with privacy options during the day and night. The main difference is that during the daytime, the blackout roller blind can completely darken the room, while the sunscreen roller blind will allow some filtered light to enter during the day. The household zebra roller blind UNZ18-001 is usually suitable for bedrooms, and contains all the features of two roller blinds for shading and sun protection. When privacy is needed, only the shading is layered and overlapped. When sunlight is needed, it only needs to be pulled down normally. Zebra roller blinds are fine. Very functional.



What is the packaging standard of household zebra roller blind UNZ18-001?
The packaging standard is 50 lines per roll. The inner packaging is an inner tube and an outer tube with a plastic bag. The diameter of the outer tube is 18 cm. A 20-foot container can hold 260 rolls, and a 40-foot container can hold 580 rolls.


In terms of design and texture, you can choose from hundreds. There will always be a home decoration suitable for you. The main functions of the shutter during the day and night are as follows:

The household zebra roller blind UNZ18-001 is a combination of the horizontal stripes we mentioned earlier, one is transparent, the other is opaque or translucent

You can create different light combinations by stretching them while raising or lowering the side ropes. If you let all small light through, or let all light through opaque stripes, you can create a blind effect.


The fact is that these household zebra roller blinds UNZ18 series are really cheap due to the new procurement process. There are many possibilities. You only need to measure the window. We recommend that you leave ten centimeters in each part of the window. The length depends on your taste. If you have a better budget, you can also use high-quality materials to make zebra blinds such as: sunscreen zebra blinds



Where can I get zebra roller blinds for home use?

It really depends on whether you want to measure and install it, or whether you are willing to save money (the part involving DIY). If you are looking for a good supplier or roller shutter product, then UNITEC must be your first choice, because we have a professional production department and sales manager, we will try our best to satisfy you with regard to fabrics.


What is the typical delivery time for an order?

Sea shipment
4-5 weeks after storing our production needs
What if the product fails the test?
1 Arrange for copying (according to the test results, focusing on quality inspection in the production process)
2 Fabrics that fail the test will be converted to domestic sales and sold to finished product factories.

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    1. Packing:
    Length per roll: 50m/50 yards
    Inner packing: hardboard tube and kraft paper/ poly bag
    Outer packing: hardboard tube and tube cover


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    Container Loading:



    Shipping Method:
    Air Shipment & Sea Shipment

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