38mm roller blind accessories/head making/control unit

UNITEC has recently developed a new roller blind accessory system with major manufacturers, which is very convenient and the price is very reasonable. You can decorate the roller blind without punching holes in the wall, which will not affect the noise of others. The following is a detailed introduction to the head of the 38MM roller blind accessories

Punch Free Roller Blinds mechanism


Quick details                                   Types of:Roller blind

Applicable window type:French windows            format:Beaded rope

Opening and closing methods:Open up and down     technology:flat

Installation type:Ceiling installation                 Paper size:Broad blade

Birthplace:Zhejiang, Chin                         model:XQF-021

material:plastic                                 mode:Level, level

style:other                     name:Expansion roller shutter mechanism without punch

package:100 pcs/carton                         MOQ:1000 sets

payment:wire transfer                          Operating system options:Chain control

use:Hotels, schools, homes, offices, etc.            Features:Lifting blinds

free punch roller blinds


install free of punch roller blinds mechanism accessories


38mm free punch roller blinds mechanism accessories free punch roller blinds mechanism accessoriesroller blinds mechanism accessories




What can UNITEC provide?

We have been a very famous supplier in the production of roller blind fabrics for many years. We can also provide complete plastic parts components; aluminum tubes, roller blinds, zebra blinds, vertical blinds. Provide one-stop service, so you no longer need to find accessories.

We have a professional freight forwarder in China, providing ships directly, cheap freight, then we can pay the sea freight for you first, and you will pay the rest of the freight together with the sea freight.


How to get free samples?

First of all, please contact us and tell us the detailed information you need. The sample is free, but the shipping cost will be paid by the consignee. After many cooperations, the shipping cost will be refunded when you place an order.


What is the delivery time?

The samples are within 3-15 days, and the mass production time is between 20-35 days.

 packing 100 sets free of punch roller blinds mechanism accessories

How do I know the logistics of my goods?

A: We can provide updated information, and we will keep tracking until the goods arrive safely.


 Does UNITEC have after-sales service?

Of course, we will make sure you use it well. However, we are not responsible for bad products caused by human or violent transportation. Trust us and choose us without worries, and it can always help you increase your business.

Post time: Jul-08-2020


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