Blackout roller blinds: advantages and features

Decoration and insulation! The use of blackout roller blinds will help you quickly and elegantly decorate any type of house to your liking. In the market, there are various models for you to choose your ideal residence.

 blackout roller blind

Blackout roller blinds are one of the most commonly used models. They are ideal blinds for enclosed spaces, such as bedrooms, meeting rooms, lounges, etc. They are made of different materials, and the fabrics are usually thick and thick.


Features of blackout roller blinds


Sound insulation material

 Do you want to get rid of the sound in your home or office? The materials of these curtains are insulating, such as polyester, acrylic and thick cotton. The closer the curtain is to the window, the greater its sound absorption capacity.

 Blackout roller blinds: advantages and features

Lighting control

 This type of curtain will help you control the amount of light entering the house. This curtain technology will allow you to reflect sunlight and prevent UV rays from damaging your skin or furniture.



 An outstanding advantage of this type of curtain is that it can isolate the internal temperature of the room. Using this model, you can retain 30% of the internal heat, and you can also spend 20% less on the heating system.

 Blackout roller blinds: advantages and features


Electric blackout roller blind

I heard you asked what is the difference between ordinary roller blinds and electric roller blinds! UNITEC’s electric roller blinds are not just ordinary roller blinds, not manually operated, but controlled by a remote control. The reason this is great is that you can also use the remote control to program the blinds to go up and down to a specific point at a set time, so that the electric roller blinds can be programmed to prevent direct sunlight from hitting everyone during the day. And you do not need to get up and adjust the blinds.


Like all our standard roller blinds, our electric roller blinds are available in a variety of colors to suit any home office color scheme from pink to milky white; if needed, they can be purchased with blackout fabrics to completely block external light Dark work space.

Post time: Jan-06-2021


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