Without reminding you, you may have forgotten that there is a kind of curtain called a blackout rollershade?

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blind day and night

Without reminding you, you may have forgotten that there is a kind of curtain called a blackout rollershade?

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Blackout rollershades are essential in everyone's home, but we may forget to save money and worry, but the effect is often amazing rolling curtains.

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First, understand the blackout rollershade:​

blind day and night

And today I mainly want to talk with you about "fabric curtain", as a small fresh curtain, has been ignored before. And his bright and sunny look is really deeply attracted to me, I hope I can also give you.In addition to being a curtain, the common fabric roller curtain also has other functions, such as shading, partition, and wall decoration. Depending on the treatment of light, but also because of the different materials used, the style of the room has changed.

Second, understand European blackout rollershade:​

Roller curtain originated from the European court style design, there are many styles, colors, in addition to personal preferences but also need to combine the style of the room to screen, the following Mr. Zebra selected several classic roller blackout rollershade style for everyone to introduce.

Electric blackout rollershade:​

Electric rolling mechanism is a light electric rolling machine developed by tubular motor, its operation only needs to flip the power switch, simple operation, quiet and stable work, is a upgrading product of rolling shutter, so compared with similar imported products, its performance price ratio is very superior. According to the size and weight of the curtain, different specifications of the motor can be selected, and one motor can drag multiple pairs of rolling curtains.

Electric roller is a light electric roller machine developed with tubular motor, easy to operate, quiet and stable work, is an upgrade of the roller shutter products, compared with similar products, its cost performance is very superior, the motor noise is small, the power is large, the debugging is simple, the control is accurate and reliable, can be matched with a special auxiliary track or guide steel rope, the maximum size of the roller shutter is 20 meters. According to the height of the curtain, the diameter of 50mm, 70mm, 78mm rolling tube can be selected, according to the size and weight of the curtain cloth, different specifications of the motor can be selected, and multiple pairs of rolling curtains can be driven by one motor at the same time.

Pull the bead blackout rollershade:​​

The control part of the roller shutter mechanism is a mechanism modulated by using the mechanical principle that the passive shaft can be controlled unidirectionally when the spring is twisted. As long as the mechanism is within the load range of the coil, it ensures that the curtain fabric will not slide due to its own weight, and the curtain fabric will rise or fall when the bead transmission part is manually operated, and the action is smooth and stable.

Bead rolling curtain is suitable for general rolling curtain, hand pulling operation, the height is generally 3-5 meters.

Spring blackout rollershade:​

The control part of the spring roller shutter mechanism is a ball-type overrunning clutch, which is originally a one-way control device. The designer subtly cancellations the spring in the traditional overrunning clutch, and slightly modifes the opening shape of some parts to become a hand-pulled spring roller shutter mechanism.

The spring shutter's elasticity can adjust the fabric to rise and fall within a certain range and can be stopped at any position. Gently pull down, a let go, the fabric can easily spring back to the top of the curtain, light operation, short operation time, stay position as desired.

The spring shutter structure is small and urgent, the operation is flexible and convenient, and the area is below 4 square meters.

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Post time: Dec-03-2023


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