Due to the unique advantages and diversity of blinds double roller, they are more and more used in home decoration

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Due to the unique advantages and diversity of blinds double roller, they are more and more used in home decoration

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On the market of blinds double roller in our country, there are many kinds, more common have left and right open and closed type. However, in recent years, when we decorate our home, we gradually like to buy curtain curtains, especially in many families, more people tend to use this type of curtain style.

The logistics of home delivery are systematized so that the customer receives his order in an average of three to seven days and begins to enjoy, from the first day,  made-to-measure blinds and curtains and a Five-year guarantee on mechanisms, accessories, and spare parts.

UNITEC tracks each order, thanks to a team of professionals that offers support at all stages of the purchase: from the time the customer chooses to the time it is installed. Both with the tutorials on the web and in the Customer Service (cs1@unitectex.com) there are no questions left unanswered.

One:What are roll-up blinds double roller?​

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Rolling curtains, also known as blinds double roller, relative to the traditional fabric left and right open and closed curtains, through the rolling tube to drive the whole curtain up and down and get its name, widely used in office places, office buildings, banks, schools are more formal occasions. It is one of the most common office curtains. According to the different mode of operation can be divided into bead curtain curtain, spring curtain curtain, electric curtain curtain.

Two:Fabric classification of blinds double roller​

1. Sunshine fabric: The common fabric is polyester polyester plus PVC synthesis, woven with a special method, the fabric has a pinhole like small eyes, because part of the sun can be transparent fabric and named, also known as transparent fabric, suitable for general office places, transparent sunshine fabric roller curtain can see the outdoor scenery, but also can effectively block ultraviolet rays, widely used in office environment. Due to the particularity of the fabric material, it is generally fireproof and flame retardant fabric.

2. Semi-blackout fabric: can block the eyes, can not see the indoor and outdoor scenes, but there is light. It is the most common semi-shading fabric, which can effectively block the ultraviolet effect, but the light transmission is slightly worse than the sunlight fabric.

3. Full shading fabric: can be divided into white coating full shading, silver coating full shading, non-coated full shading and so on. Suitable for places with strong sunlight exposure, or environments that require complete no light, such as bedrooms and video conference rooms, Windows facing the west of the street and other environments. Due to the good shading and heat insulation effect of its material itself, it is also one of the most common choices for office curtains.

Third:the structural classification and advantages of rolling curtains​

Step 1 Pull a bead roller curtain

Bead rolling shutter adopts bead chain pulling operating system, bead rolling shutter mechanism is composed of axle wheel, bead wheel, torsion spring, scroll, support plate and other accessories. When operating the roller curtain mechanism, pull the bead to drive the bead wheel to rotate. At this time, the torsion spring loosens the direction of the force to make the shaft wheel rotate along the scroll and the support plate drive the coil tube to rotate, so that the roller curtain fabric moves up and down.


(1) Bead rolling curtain is well-designed, exquisite technology and exquisite materials.

(2) Bead roller curtain accessories are made of glass fiber, Trilon and carbonized steel and other raw materials, pull smoothly, low noise.

(3) Bead roller curtain aluminum by baking paint and spray surface treatment, has excellent weather resistance.

(4) The fabric is generally made of polyester fabric or glass fiber fabric, with good ductility and anti-high temperature, anti-oil and other characteristics.

(5) Pull beads can be made of pom environmental protection material pull beads, can also be used steel pull beads, copper pull beads, etc., the service life of the test can reach more than 30,000 times.

2. Electric roller blinds​

It is a kind of electric blinds double roller mechanism which uses tubular motor as power. Its operation only needs to flip the power switch, easy operation, quiet and stable work, is the upgrade of manual shutter products. The motor is directly installed in the aluminum alloy coil, which not only reduces the volume and force of the curtain box, but also avoids the influence of the outside world on the motor and increases the reliability of the mechanism. The coil is made of high quality aluminum alloy material, high strength, and not easy to deform; The surface is anodized to prevent aging and corrosion. The installation bracket is made of high strength alloy steel with high bending and shear strength to ensure the safety and reliability of the installation and use of the mechanism.



(1) Electric roller curtain with UV resistance, environmental protection and energy saving, beautify the environment, save indoor space and other functions, suitable for a variety of office places and apartment buildings.


(2) The electric roller shutter mechanism is a lightweight electric roller shutter mechanism of a special tubular motor, and the motor is directly installed in the coil tube, which reduces the volume and force of the curtain box, avoids the influence of the outside world on the motor, and increases the reliability of the mechanism.


(3) Its operation only needs to flip the power switch, easy operation, quiet and stable work, is an upgrade of manual shutter products.


(4) Use 220V AC tubular motor. The motor noise is small, the stroke debugging is simple and convenient, and the stroke control is accurate and reliable;

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Post time: Nov-23-2023


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