A Rolling Cheap Window Blackout That Breathes, What Exactly Does It Do?​

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Clicking on www.unitecblinds.com is equivalent to making a quick and safe purchase that brings beauty, style, and sun protection to the home or office. Versatility in its style guarantee in all components of cheap window blackout, and speed of delivery are the advantages that distinguish UNITEC Textile.

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A Rolling Cheap Window Blackout That Breathes, What Exactly Does It Do?​

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With 20 years of experience in the commercialization of textiles and ten as a pioneer in the sale of made-to-measure blinds and curtains, roller blinds, curtains, Venetian blinds, Japanese panels, vertical slats, and mosquito nets, UNITEC Textile is an established manufacturer that makes available to the customer a wide range of colors and designs that you can select and buy comfortably in front of your computer and install later without the help of third parties. So easy, fast, and safe.

The logistics of home delivery are systematized so that the customer receives his order in an average of three to seven days and begins to enjoy, from the first day,  cheap window blackout and a Five-year guarantee on mechanisms, accessories, and spare parts.

UNITEC tracks each order, thanks to a team of professionals that offers support at all stages of the purchase: from the time the customer chooses to the time it is installed. Both with the tutorials on the web and in the Customer Service (cs1@unitectex.com) there are no questions left unanswered.

Roller sunscreen blackout curtains have the following important advantages:

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(1) Thermal insulation performance

The roller sunscreen daytime lighting curtains in the living room, which saves the energy needed for electric lighting, and is also the channel for the sight of people in contact with nature. However, it also brings a lot of problems, for example, in winter, especially in the north, will lose valuable indoor thermal energy outdoors; In the summer, excess heat is transferred to the room, so people need to use a lot of electricity (air conditioning, etc.) to balance the room temperature.

In order to achieve the ideal insulating effect, the following points must be taken into account:

1. The tightness of the closing of the cheap rolling window blackout plate;

2. The tightness of the contact part between the shutter plate and the shutter cap;

3. Tightness in the rail;

4. The tightness of the combination of guide rail and wall;

5. The sealing of the seat belt and the window threshold;

6. Thermal insulation properties of the roller housing

(2) Sound insulation

Under normal circumstances, people want to have a quiet room, especially near the street, road room. The acoustic insulation of a window can be greatly improved by using a completely closed roller sunscreen curtains mounted on the outside of the window. The researchers discovered that the greater the distance between the rolling window and the glass window, the better the noise reduction effect. The closed rolling window itself can reduce noise by 18db, and if combined with the insulated glass window (4/12/4mm), you can get a full sound insulation effect of 37db.

In order to achieve the ideal sound insulation effect, the following points should be taken into account:

1. The sealing of the closing of the rolling plate;

2. Tightness in the rail;

3. The sealing of the seat belt and the window threshold;

4. The roller cover has sufficient insulating properties to prevent sound Bridges.

(3) Sun protection, shading and regulating performance

In the winter, people expect to heat the room through the window of the sun, on the contrary, the summer sun is most people do not want to get, at this time only a small part of the light is reflected through the window, the vast majority of it is through the window in the room, therefore, people raise the shading requirements.

Although there are a variety of different umbrella methods, and installed cheap window blackout on the outside of the window window is one of the most ideal solutions to solve the problem, because first of all, the window can reflect most of the sunlight; Secondly, the rolling window can also be arbitrarily adjusted to sunlight/light; Third, its use basically takes no space. By reducing the amount of heat entering the room, you can save a lot of electrical energy used for air conditioners.

If you choose a light colored roller profile, you will be able to better improve the reflection of sunlight.

Post time: Jul-07-2024


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