Choose the right blinds and curtains

A fundamental part of the decoration of your house are the blinds, which in addition to giving you privacy, influence the intensity of light and colors. Here we give you some tips so that they harmonize perfectly with your space and style.

Choose the right blinds and curtains


To decide which curtain you need, consider the size of the window, whether it is interior or exterior, the function you want the curtain to fulfill and the decoration of the space in question, this will help you define the type and material.


1. Double curtains (sheer curtain and blackout curtain)

That is, one thinner and more translucent and the other thick and blackout; It is the most used in rooms. Allows gradual light to enter during the day and protects your privacy at night.


2. Roman shades

They are often used in the bedroom. Instead of rods, they are collected thanks to a cord. Since they are made of cotton, they have a natural texture and drape. They allow considerable light to enter without compromising privacy.


3. Shutters

They are an excellent option if your concern is resistance and an economical price. You can place them in any room thanks to the great diversity of materials with which they are made, although they may not be the best option if what you are interested in is an elegant style.


4. Balcony

They are ideal for full windows as they consist of two drops mounted on a bar or rail. This type of curtain allows you to easily open it to take advantage of the visual space that is created in between.


5. Vertical blinds

Whether made of wood or PVC, they are the most used in kitchens and bathrooms, due to their resistance to humidity. They can also completely block out light.


As we mentioned, the choice of colors is also very important. Take into account that plain colors are more elegant and that you can play with color gradients or contrasts in borders or other accessories.


This accessory is decisive in the decoration of your space, so we recommend combining it with the other decorative objects in the room, such as furniture, cushions, quilts, tablecloths, among others.

Post time: Jun-06-2022


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