Dark brown opaque roller blinds

This Dark brown opaque roller blind is also excellent sound insulation materials: they both prevent sound from escaping easily from the room and restrict sound from entering the room. For those who need deep sleep or work in shifts, for example, the combination of darkness and tranquility can bring huge benefits. And this Dark brown opaque roller blind can be used in many public places. School roller blinds, hotel blackout roller blinds, office blackout roller blinds, these roller blinds can be customized in your favorite color, width, and size. It is even fireproof, waterproof, and antibacterial.

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This Dark brown opaque roller blind fabric is one of the most popular models in the collection of coated blackout roller blinds. This roller blind fabric is 100% polyester with acrylic coating. The maximum width is 3.00m, it’s the double-side roller blinds fabric for roller blinds. A dark brown opaque roller blind can be matched with sunscreen roller blinds to make double layer roller blinds on one window.


Dark brown opaque roller blind can better block the sun and block the noise. These roller blind fabrics can be used as interior blinds, office roller blinds, hotel roller blinds, airport roller blinds. It can be used in any public place.


Coated Dark brown opaque roller blind

This fabric for roller blinds also has flame retardant, waterproof and antibacterial properties. We can also customize the product design according to the requirements of the customers.

 Dark brown opaque roller blind


                                                  These coated Dark brown opaque roller blind have all the proven advantages of classic window coverings:


Style. The elegant design of coated roller blinds adapts perfectly to modern or traditional interiors, which adds to the beauty of each design. This Dark brown opaque roller blind can be made to room darkening roller blinds/blackout roller blinds.


Color. Use bright and solid colors to make bold statements, choose to add subtle character patterns, or choose any color coated roller blind fabric. Any customized color is available.


Light control. Dark brown opaque roller blind comes in sheer, light-filtering, room darkening, and blackout roller shades, meaning you can choose the light level that suits your room best. And because they’re so simple to operate, window blackout roller blinds fabric makes everyday light control as easy as a flick of the wrist.

 Dark brown opaque roller blind URB5109

So, what are the benefits of Dark brown opaque roller blind?

Lighting control

Street lights, car lights, and general light pollution are all interference, which can be quickly eliminated by installing Dark brown opaque roller blind in your house. No matter how the season changes, shading fabrics can also help you maintain proper sleep throughout the year.

A dark brown opaque roller blind is very effective in children ’s bedrooms, and opaque roller blinds provide better protection for sleep in the dark


Additional insulation

The dark brown opaque roller blind is very suitable for the coming winter, in fact, it can provide better heat insulation for the family, which means reduced energy consumption and save more money on the family bill!

This is because the opaque roller blind is a thicker fabric, so it can better resist the heat dissipation.



Dark brown opaque roller blind also has the additional advantage of suppressing noise, which is an ideal solution for people living in urban areas or near highways / main roads. It can create a quiet living environment regardless of the day.


Extra privacy

The dark brown opaque roller blind is especially suitable for bathrooms and bedrooms. Shading fabric can provide better privacy for families, which is an important step in creating a safe and comfortable living space.

The opaque roller blind can not only block the external landscape but also cleverly block the internal landscape.


Post time: May-29-2020


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