You Should Know The Advantages Of Darken Shades​

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You Should Know The Advantages Of Darken Shades​

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You can't live without darken shades. If there are no curtains on the Windows of the home, there is no security in living. There are many kinds of curtains, known as fabric curtains, blinds, rolling curtains. In fact, zebra curtains have many advantages and are widely used abroad. You should know some of the advantages of zebra curtains so that you can be more comfortable when choosing curtains.

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Let's talk about the advantages of darken shades in detail:​

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(1) Zebra curtain is made of double-layer fabric, fabric by equal width of fabric and gauze spacing woven into a textile. When pulling the curtain, the two sides of the fabric are staggered due to rotation of the two layers of fabric and gauze, thus dimming. Darken shades are more precisely controlled in dimming than fabric blinds.

Let's talk about the advantages of zebra curtains in detail:​​

(2) Zebra curtains do not take up extra space. When the zebra curtain is put away, the darken shades is all stored in the box, and when it is put down, it is also within the scope of the window, and will not occupy the space on both sides of the window like the cloth curtain. Either side of the window can put plants, air conditioning or other furniture.

(3) Zebra curtain is more healthy and green. Its production fabric is mostly made of polyester fabric, which controls harmful substances such as formaldehyde from raw materials, so that you can rest assured.


(4) Zebra curtain has a long service life. Compared with ordinary fabric curtains and rolling curtains, according to the authority, zebra curtains even if exposed to strong light, it is not easy to deform and change color, more durable, in the long run, zebra curtains are a more cost-effective choice;

5) Zebra curtains are easier to maintain than fabric curtains. Cloth curtain hung for a long time, easy to accumulate a lot of dust. Ordinary washing machines are difficult to clean, so many people choose to go to a specialized cleaning shop, which leads to an increase in maintenance costs year by year. The surface of the zebra curtain is treated, and it is not easy to accumulate ash, especially the waterproof zebra curtain, as long as it is wiped with a wet rag, there is no need for laborious cleaning, and there is no additional cost.

Advantages of zebra curtains:​

Mercerized touch: Zebra blinds are designed in transparent fabric to reflect the horizontal pattern, giving you a mercerized touch and rich appearance.

Affordable: Zebra bling is designed to provide users with a complete package at an affordable price.

How about a zebra curtain?​

Zebra curtain is a very practical window decoration product. It combines the warmth of fabric curtains, the simplicity of rolling curtains and the dimming function of blinds, making it an ideal choice for office and home window decoration. Its simple operation, various forms of shading, without obstructing the field of view, can completely adjust the light. In addition, zebra curtains are reasonable in price, cheap in quality, and are the choice of conscience in home improvement items.

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Post time: Dec-07-2023


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