Decorative roller blinds in house

Roller blinds are a fun way to decorate modern, economical windows, and they also have good control of the light entering the room. Roller blinds have similar advantages to others, such as folding, but also have a mechanism similar to a blind.


This mechanism controls the controls when opening and closing the blinds based on the amount of light you want to enter. You can also find different types of roller blinds.


Choosing sun screen roller blinds


Sunscreen is the English word “screen”, which is made by mixing PVC with glass fiber or polyester fiber. With these shutters, you can see the outside and no one can see the inside.

This material allows light to enter and is therefore visible from the outside. However, one of its advantages is that it resists UVA rays and promotes thermal and thermal insulation without wear and tear and easy cleaning.


Choose opaque blinds


Opaque or blackout roller blinds

These roller blinds are made of completely opaque material, so it doesn’t allow light to pass through, so it can effectively isolate heat. So if you need darkness in your room, these roller blinds are the best choice.


Another advantage is that the thickness of the fabric allows digital printing to be decorated according to your needs. This is an added value, does not affect the practicality of the model, and allows you to customize the blindness that other models do not allow.


Choose day and night blinds


Day and Night Blinds (Zebra Roller Blinds)

“Day and Night” blinds consist of two combined overlapping fabrics, with horizontal stripes appearing alternately in opaque and translucent states. It is ideal for controlling the intensity of light entering the room without the need for double roller shutters or in combination with shutters.


This is achieved by the combination of stripes. When translucent stripes and translucent stripes overlap, greater luminosity can be obtained, and when opaque stripes are combined with translucent stripes, darkness can be achieved.


Choose a translucent roller blind


These roller blinds are the most common and the most economical. They allow light to enter and block external vision. The roller blind softens the incoming light, thus obtaining warm and friendly brightness without the inconvenience of direct light.


The fabric is usually polyester or a blend of linen and polyester. Blinds provide privacy and brightness in the same way as most curtains, so it can be said that these types of roller blinds are the best alternative to curtains.

Post time: Feb-28-2020


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