In recent years, roller blinds have been gaining strength in an unstoppable way, becoming the current undisputed kings of window decoration and solar protection, both in residential homes and in offices and industrial environments.

These are one-piece blinds fabric that are collected vertically, operated by a manual or motorized mechanism.

The most important factors that explain the success and prevalence of roller blinds in today’s decoration are the following:

1. Long-lived and resistant. By their very design, roller blinds are durable and resistant curtains, which are appropriate for any environment, even the most demanding: offices, schools, outdoors, etc.

2. Easy and quick to install. Roller blinds are very easy to install. You just have to place two supports, one at each end of the tube in which the curtain is rolled, and it is ready for immediate use.

3. Solutions fully tailored to your needs. The diversity of roller blinds fabrics allows us to offer solutions perfectly tailored to your needs and requirements. For example, you can decide the amount of light that the blind lets through, creating environments that range from diaphanous luminosity to total opacity. In addition, screen fabrics with an appropriate opening factor will allow you to see the outside, but without you being seen from the outside, with all the advantages of comfort and privacy that this implies.

4. Your collection space is minimal.

5. Sales leader The roller blind is a sales leader and occupies a privileged position in window decoration.



The order includes the roller blind completely finished and ready to hang, with all its supports, mechanisms and components.


In fact, it includes the following:

A) Roller blind of the chosen fabric and of the indicated measurements
B and C) PVC trims to be placed on the metal supports
D and E) Metallic lateral supports. Strong and durable
F) Chain counterweight
G) Chain stopper
H) Lag screws
I) Wall plugs


Post time: Aug-06-2021


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