Do you know how to choose the method of rolling blinds

Do you want to improve your family accommodation in some way, but don’t know how to make a choice? Today, we will provide you with some ideas to update the roller blind in your living room.

How you want to update the roller blinds or window decorations will make a big difference in any room.

Many times, we have not made a clear decision about whether to place roller blinds or blinds at home, which makes us very entangled. But if you can think in terms of style, fabric, material, color, etc., you will be cheerful .

 Opaque polyester roller blind fabric


Roller blinds or blinds are simple fabrics hanging vertically to cover things or windows. But not only that, some roller blinds are an essential part of any room decoration, and depending on our taste, style, and requirements for their location, we must choose a good one.

 Seek elegance in simplicity. The translucent roller blind fabric allows light to pass in, but retains the intimacy of the room and has neutral tones such as white, beige, or light gray. From the catalog, UNITEC recommends the use of linen roller blinds or translucent roller blinds with elegant colors.


Color. Whether you decide on roller blinds or blinds, it is very important to choose the color. The touch of the strong colors on the fabric will rejuvenate your life. Bold colors will make your house look different. Any UNITEC product is customized to the color you need.


Natural fiber fabric. Fabrics such as jute or cotton can be a very good choice for ethnic decoration. Moreover, if you choose some high-quality materials such as PVC materials, you will have a wear-resistant roller blind, which can have a longer shelf life and easy to clean.


Layered. A very original idea, only applicable to the most daring people. Layering multiple translucent fabric roller blinds of different sizes to form a layer, you will get a waterfall-like feeling.


Double roller blinds. Double roller blinds provide you with double benefits. You can combine translucent fabrics and opaque fabrics, and you can also put light and translucent fabrics together to keep the room intimate. You can also choose to combine fabrics at will. On our products, any product can be combined into a double roller blind.


Jacquard fabric. Different fabrics bring different effects. Therefore, we encourage you to discover various possibilities and attract yourself to personalized jacquard flowers, flowers, and colors, so that you can choose the fabric that stands out in the living room as the main role.


Custom picture. Have you ever thought that when you like a picture very much, when you want to see it or share it with others, you can customize the picture on your roller blind fabric, you will create a very personalized in the living room Of space? We offer you this possibility in the category of digitally printed roller blinds. In addition, you can choose any other design from our catalog to get the best image for your stay.


Vertical roller blinds. You can make your roller blind into a vertical roller blind, because some houses have relatively large windows and long spaces, and ordinary roller blinds may not be satisfied. At this time, the vertical roller blind will be very suitable for this situation, not only will it let you Houses look very atmospheric.


Retro feeling. With the old-fashioned roller blind and the retro style, it is definitely classic and never outdated. It is a model of a folding roller blind without rods, it is a classic plain roller blind, suitable for all house types.


There is a Japanese style in the living room: Many times Japanese panels have become a very attractive and modern alternative to roller blinds. From covering windows to separate spaces, they are the perfect choice for any decorative style. They can be selected from the same fabric, or they can be combined with different fabrics and styles. You can also alternate colors between them.


Obviously, every house is a world, everyone has their own taste, but sometimes bold to discover some subtle details, which makes us realize that this extra decoration makes us most noticeable in this case The living room has a perfect touch.

Please remember that on UNITEC, if you have any questions about our products, we are always at your service. We also provide free samples for all fabrics.

Post time: Oct-27-2020


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