Everything you need to know about roller blinds and child safety

Today, as long as they are properly installed and equipped with appropriate safety features, roller blinds do not pose a threat to children. We will study how to safely install roller blinds in spaces used by children, and explain best practices when buying and installing roller blinds.


As we browse this blog post, you’ll notice; as the manufacturer and retailer of your roller blind, we need to take a series of steps to ensure the safety of the roller blind, but you need to do something to ensure safety.

 Electric roller blinds

What is a child safety roller blind?

Child safety roller shutters are shutters or roller shutters with appropriate functions to ensure that they do not pose a danger to children. Some roller blinds are safer than others, simply because it has a different mechanism, while others have safety features built into potentially dangerous components. These functions are provided with the roller shutter and must be installed when installing the roller shutter.


What safety features does the roller blind offer?

Roller blinds have many child safety features. First, the chains themselves are designed to separate when weight is applied. It does not separate in daily use, but if a child is to be caught by it, it will fall apart. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy a new chain, it will clip back together afterwards.


The problem with preventing loops and free hanging is the neat chain. It tightens the chain and stays close to the wall.


The chain itself will also be at least 1.5 meters above the ground. This makes it beyond the reach of young children. This is especially noticeable for blinds installed outside the grooves, as it makes them accessible to passing children. As long as there is no furniture nearby to stand on, the roller blind ensures that no children can reach it.



Where can I buy child safety blinds?

Roller blinds can only be purchased from well-known retailers. In addition to sales, UNITEC also relies on quality child safety measures to stay legal and win the trust of its customers. As a company, we cannot afford mistakes, and of course we cannot afford the burden of cutting corners.


Many reputable companies will not adopt child safety measures and cut corners in order to save costs. These cheap roller blinds may not meet the standard safety requirements from child safety to flame retardant in many countries. Always buy from reputable companies. Although you may find cheaper alternatives elsewhere, you buy at your own risk.


What is the safest roller blind around a child?

Springs, cranks, and electric roller shutters are safe for children because no chains or hanging ropes can become entangled in children. If child safety is the primary concern, these No chain shutters should be your first choice.


Think ahead and be safe

Buy premium roller blinds from proven companies that go beyond child safety features. Don’t buy cheap trash, install child safety features that come with the blind, and eliminate the ability of children to get near it. After all, security remains to be discussed.


If you would like more information on child safety, or find the right roller blind for your home, please contact us and UNITEC will be happy to assist you. UNITEC has been engaged in the production of roller blind fabrics and a 20-year history of business. There are dozens of countries exported. Whether it is the choice of fabrics or the selection of accessories, our excellent sales team will serve you and give you a good purchasing experience.


Post time: Mar-24-2020


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