Five advantages of double roller blinds

The double roller blinds has double bars, which can lock the blinds at the same time and allow part of the sunlight to pass through. Yes, it’s all in one window. In turn, they are always protecting your house from UV rays, whether they are closed or allow light to enter.


These roller blinds, also known as day and night, combine the characteristics of traditional roller blinds with the benefits of sunscreen to give you more control over the light and privacy of your house. These double roller blinds have many advantages every hour of every season of the year, as we will see next.

double roller blinds

Unparalleled double roller blinds Design

The design of the double roller blinds is an innovative concept that can decorate your windows and become the perfect component to protect your furniture. As the name suggests, these blinds provide comfort both day and night.

These reasons and the fact that it gives the house a unique sense of class have attracted people’s interest enough to turn these blinds into this year’s trend.


Why choose a double roller blinds

If you like the soft light of the day, just lower the sunshade and let the sunlight in to make it look soft. If you want complete darkness, just pull the wheel again to create a complete shadow to prevent annoying city lights and noise from interfering with your rest.


The double roller blinds has two protective screens: sunscreen and black roller blind. (Or other colors) You can call for sunscreens to avoid high temperatures, providing you with complete privacy and pleasant temperatures, as they are excellent insulation for windows.


5 main advantages of double roller blinds


The different types of day / night blinds and their functions are as follows:


Filter: Gently scatters incident light to provide a degree of light control and moderate privacy. These materials are translucent and their color may be affected by changes in lighting conditions. Colors may change depending on the time of day and type of lighting, and whether the screen is partially or completely dark.


Transparency: When you need sunlight to reach the room, you can pull down the sunscreen, which allows the sun to enter and provide light, but it does not make people feel dazzling, because the sunscreen can well avoid ultraviolet rays.


Shading: In another case, when you pull down the blinds. This will dim the light entering the room and have more opaque fabric colors, providing better light control and greater privacy. Just like filtered light shadows, these shadows have different colors.


Sound insulation: We all know that the horn sounds and lights of night cars can be annoying. These blinds are excellent insulators not only in terms of heat and light, but also in terms of sound. Give you a perfect resting environment during the evening break.


In addition to the budget, the final decision depends on many other aspects, such as features, decoration and preferences. From vibrant colors to neutral tones, modern design plus updated classic designs, double roller blinds are suitable for all interiors.

 double roller blinds

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Post time: Jan-09-2020


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