What are the curtain rolling material you must know!

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What are the curtain rolling material you must know!

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Good window parasol curtains consists mainly of various machine structure accessories and umbrella fabric, from which the umbrella fabric is divided into fiberglass fabric and polyester fabric. Fiberglass fabric is mainly fiberglass covered with PVC; Good shade window is PVC covered in polyester polyester fiber

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1, sun fabric:

waterproof fabric material

The fabric is common good window shade, using a special woven method, the fabric has a hole like small eyes, because part of the sun can be the name of transparent fabric, also known as transparent fabric, suitable for office places in general, transparent sunlight fabric rollers curtain can see the landscape outdoors, but also effectively block ultraviolet rays, widely used in the office environment. Due to the particularity of the fabric material, it is generally flame retardant and flame retardant fabric.

2, semi-black fabric:

It can block the eyes, it can't see the inside and outside scenes, but there is light. It is the most common semi-shade tissue, which can effectively block the ultraviolet effect, but light transmission is slightly worse than sunlight tissue.

3, complete black fabric:

It can be divided into full white coating hatch, full silver coating hatch, full uncoated hatch and so on. Suitable for places with heavy exposure to sunlight, or environments that require no full light, such as bedrooms and video conferencing rooms, Windows facing west of the street and other environments. Due to the good shade and thermal insulation effect of its own material, it is also one of the most common choices for office curtains.

4, spring good frames of good window shade:

Because the spring device incorporated into the tube, it is called, also known as semi-automatic winding shutter, according to different operating systems can be divided into the traditional winding spring shutter, winding spring shutter account, a control of two types of rolling spring shutter, spring winding power, etc. The aluminum alloy top beam is used as the positioning support of the entire system, so the installation and purification are completed in the production plant to ensure quality, and on-site installation is very simple and convenient, simple operation.

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Post time: Apr-15-2024


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