How to Choose between Blackout, Roller and Vertical blinds

Blinds have several advantages to their name. From being a relatively cheaper option as compared to curtains to being so much easier to install as well, blinds can just be the thing your house needs.

In fact, you have more control over the light that enters the living room, and the fact that it’s hard to ignore the benefits of blinds. Because there are many different types of shutters available.

The best thing for you here would be to do a little homework on your own to see which type of blind would be most suitable for your needs and then shop accordingly. Let’s have a more detailed look at the 3 common types of blinds.

Roller and Vertical blinds1

1: Blackout Blinds:
As the name suggests blackout blinds are the ones which prevent the light from passing through them, giving you a darker environment. These are the blinds that will darken any room. Controlling light levels is not the only advantage they have to their name; they are also equipped for absorbing the heat which is coming from the outside, giving you a much cooler environment inside.

So if you are looking for creative ways to save up energy and cut costs on your electricity bills, installing blackout blinds could be one.

Roller and Vertical blinds2

2: Vertical Blinds:
Vertical blinds are those that help you control the levels of light and your levels of privacy by standing up vertically against your wall. Most people tend to opt for vertical blinds when they are looking for something they can put on their sliding doors and windows. If you are on the lookout for low-maintenance blinds then vertical blinds may be the perfect option for you; the fact that they stand vertically prevents them from collecting a lot of dust!

Roller and Vertical blinds3

3: Roller Blinds:
Ever seen the blinds which are attached to a roller and you have to adjust them using a chain that is attached to their side? That’s a roller blind for you. If you are looking for the type of blinds which have the most variety to offer then roller blinds are the one you need to consider.

Roller and Vertical blinds4

From bonded roller blinds, blackout blinds, light filter roller blinds, and sunscreen roller blinds—all are its different types. Bonded roller blinds have their fabric attached or “bonded” to their surface. Blockout blinds are the basic types which block the light, their advantage lies in the variety of styles and colors they come in. Light filter roller blinds are good for filtering the light (or the amount of it) which enters the room. Sunscreen roller blinds control the harsh UV rays by filtering them out; their light filtering properties are better than light filter roller blinds.
These were the 3 most common types of blinds and their functions. You can opt for whichever suits your needs and of course, your budget and have them installed.

Post time: Dec-05-2019


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