How to choose the right Roman roller blind for windows?

The choice of front fabric is very important for buying Roman roller blinds, not only because which material you choose will determine the color and pattern of the finished product. Roller blinds can be translucent, opaque and transparent. Equally important is how well it folds when raised.


Light to medium weight fabrics are well pleated, and the thicker the fabric, the harder it is to pleate

Fortunately, compliance with tissue samples is easy to check. How to choose the right fabric for Roman roller blinds? Fold it several times to see how it reacts to molding. If the fabric is not lying flat, then this may not be the best choice.



How to install Roman roller blinds on windows?

When ordering Roman roller blinds, one of the most common questions is how to install it: inside the window or outside the wall or ceiling. Sometimes, there is not enough space in the window opening at all, which makes the decision easier. Otherwise, it all depends on the architecture and the wishes of the customer. You can choose UNITEC’s punch-free roller blind head, which is very convenient and quick.


Roman roller blinds can be installed in those places

To the wall

On the ceiling,

To the frame.

We install it outside of the opening in the wall or ceiling, which increases the sense of height and always looks advantageous



The main advantages of Roman roller blind style products:


Always fashionable.

The Roman roller blind has existed for centuries and has evolved into the appearance we know today. This is a classic style, always keeping “fashionable” by choosing the right fabrics.


Lighting control.

Although Roman blinds cannot provide the same level of light control as slanted blinds, their pleated appearance can block 100% of the light.


Keep it secret.

Using a piece of fabric also means that Roman roller blinds provide more privacy.


energy efficiency

The correct Roman roller blind is made with the correct fabric (polyester) and is a stylish and simple solution to keep warm in winter and protect the room from high temperatures in summer.



Generally, Roman roller blinds are more reasonable in price than traditional blinds or fabric roller blinds, so the cost performance will be very high.


Soft appearance.

Unlike other rigid products such as horizontal blinds, Roman roller blinds add personality to the window and give it a soft appearance.


Suitable for small windows.

Roman blinds do not take up much space and are therefore suitable for small windows.


Easy to operate.

Roman roller blinds are easy to lift with a chain, but now you can also add automation settings, just a button, you can meet your requirements.


Easy to maintain.

If necessary, you can clean and sterilize Roman roller blinds regularly. Because it is very easy to maintain, you only need to wipe it gently with a damp cloth.


Ask UNITEC about the shadow of Rome!

Still in doubt or unsure which Roman shade is right for you? Or choose how to choose different types of roller blinds or Roman products? Consult our experienced sales staff. They will help you choose the best option. We recommend that you consider the following points when placing an order:


The transparency of the fabric.

The lifting rope can be displayed on the left or right.

The lifting rope will be placed in front or behind the panel.

Horizontal ribs can repeatedly deform any fabric pattern.

Products with soft folds are characterized by greater deformation of the pattern.

Roman roller blinds are a hybrid between blinds and curtains. They are flexible, practical and stylish. Since they can be made of almost any fabric, UNITEC is one of the best suppliers you choose.

Post time: Oct-09-2020


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