How to maintain the roller blind The secret of many years

UNITEC’s roller blind is a decorative and functional element, and it is one of the indispensable elements in our houses. They bring personality, comfort and privacy to the room where they live. But as time goes by, the blind may be forgotten. As we strive to keep furniture, paintings, vases and other decorations clean and upkeep, roller blinds will accumulate dirt, dust and even odors, which may destroy and weaken their appeal. In order to prevent this from happening, correct roller blind maintenance is essential.


When we look for information about roller blinds, most people will tell us about cleaning, as if this is the only way to keep roller blinds in an ideal condition. In fact, although cleaning is necessary, this is the last option because it must be cleaned very carefully and often with the help of professionals to avoid damage.


The best way to keep roller blinds clean longer is to use roller blinds correctly to prevent them from getting dirty and damaged by a series of regular cleanings.


Roller blind maintenance routine

Thorough cleaning of the house every week or every two weeks should include maintenance of roller blinds. This means that we must prevent them from accumulating dust and protect them from sunlight and stains.


Prevent roller blinds from accumulating

We can prevent the roller blind from accumulating dust by using a vacuum cleaner with suitable nozzles and functions without removing it. Steam cleaners are also usually a good choice for such tasks.


Avoid staining

Not only will the roller blind be soiled by splashes (for example, if the food is at the dining table, it will be soiled from the food), it can also be soiled by repeatedly touching the roller blind.


Local stains

If there are local spots on the roller blinds, you can apply stain remover or dry cleaning agent, and then wipe with a small brush. In this case, it is recommended to clean them first. If natural solutions are preferred, baking soda or vinegar can also be used. If the roller blind is soiled by oil or grease, we can quickly take measures to remove the stain. First, we must wash the roller blind with soap and water, then put sugar on it and put it in the sun.


Avoid sunlight

Sunlight is one of the most destructive agents for roller blinds, although many have been treated to better protect them from UV rays. If there is sunlight in the room during the season when the sunlight is most frequent, it is recommended to choose light colors and materials such as polyester or acrylic, or technical materials such as PVC open factor fabrics. In this way, roller blinds and furniture will not deteriorate due to sunlight.



Light shades are more resistant to UV rays

 High-material fabrics such as polyester or PVC can better control the occurrence of ultraviolet rays, bacteria, humidity, dust and odors. The life of electric roller blinds tends to last longer, because we often touch them with our hands


Post time: Jul-30-2020


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