Roller blinds, or also known as Roller Shades, are the top products in the window covering decoration market. These have earned an important place throughout the world.


Roller blinds are very well appreciated in the various spaces of your home, such as: living room, bedroom, study, among others, since their main function is to provide the necessary amount of shade that the user requires, while providing an elegant and elegant finish. modern to each window, in order to generate comfort and well-being for those who require its use. Therefore, if you are about to acquire a roller blind for your spaces, UNITEC Textile Decoration, below, gives you certain tips to help you with your search and achieve the right curtain for your space.




Depending on the use that is given to the space to which you want to place Roller blinds, you must consider the amount of light and shade that is required. And it is that maintaining adequate light is important not only for privacy but also to avoid excessive heating in the space. For this reason, UNITEC Textile Decoration offers you 4 options of percentages of light passage in the various screen fabrics for Roller blinds: 1% - 3% - 5% and 10%, which you can choose according to the use of the space.

 roller blinds screen



Typically, inside a home, office, restaurant, or other space, we come across boxed windows or wall-to-wall windows.


Roller blinds can be placed on any of these types of windows. However, as an important fact, these always leave a small entrance of light to the sides (approx. 1 to 2 cm depending on the system), due to the supports that are placed at the ends to be able to install the Roller blinds. For many users this is not usually a problem, but for other users it is. Therefore, as a solution, the use of profiles is considered, or the installation of another type of curtain if the space requires total darkness. In conclusion, this type of Roller blinds can be adapted to these two types of windows, with a small observation, which will depend on the space and user.





For these Roller blinds there are three types of quality of fabric: American, European and Asian.


In the American and European brands the fabrics are 100% certified. They are free of toxic components, they are eco-friendly and do not harm human health.


There are brands in which the fabrics do not present certifications. As they are not certified, they could be toxic to the health of the user, due to the high content of lead. Also, there is a possibility of discoloration in the short term.

Post time: May-29-2021


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