How To Install The indoor window shutter?A Few Steps Easily Done!

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How To Install The indoor window shutter?A Few Steps Easily Done!

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Compared with other curtains, indoor window shutter have one of the most obvious advantages, which is to save space, in some small Spaces, it has great practical value.

The logistics of home delivery are systematized so that the customer receives his order in an average of three to seven days and begins to enjoy, from the first day,  made-to-measure blinds and curtains and a Five-year guarantee on mechanisms, accessories, and spare parts.

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How to install rolling curtains:​

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The installation method of indoor window shutter is not complicated, as long as you follow a few steps and proceed methodically. Step, first install the accessories, the first is to decide the left and right direction of the head and the vertical direction of the bead, the left and right direction of the head can be interchangeable, the form is relatively free, you can install the head with your own preferences or the situation of home decoration, the bead head can be rotated at will, respectively, corresponding to the side installation and the pull up after the top installation.

Step two, install the head:​

It is worth mentioning that there are two ways to install the head, and the two ways correspond to two different installation schemes. 1. Internal installation. That is, the rolling curtain is installed in the window frame, after finding the appropriate position, it is necessary to mark the position of the head screw at the top of the window frame, lock the left and right heads with screws respectively in the interior of the window frame, and then open the rotating module above the head without pulling beads. 2. External installation. The method of external installation is basically the same as that of internal installation, but the position is not installed inside the window frame. First compare the rolling curtain with the window, after finding the right position, it is also necessary to mark the position of the head screw at the top of the window frame, and then fix the head with the screw on the window frame or the wall, the remaining steps are the same as the internal installation method.

Step three, install indoor window shutter rails:​

This is the main part, there are four steps. 1. First, put the right end of the upper rail into the head with a bead, and then put the left end of the upper rail into the head without a bead. 2, the second step to open the rotating module button, repeatedly confirm that the curtain has been installed firmly, will not easily fall or slide, rolling curtains are basically installed. 3, pull the bead, check whether the rolling curtain can be used normally.

Indoor window shutter Type:​

Spring curtain:

Another style of rolling curtains there is also a main style, which is called spring rolling curtains, how to install this rolling curtains?

In fact, for the spring curtain, mainly because there is a spring inside and named, this curtain can be divided into traditional rope spring curtain, bead spring curtain, one-control two-type spring curtain, power spring curtain, etc., with simple operation, strong impact resistance, uniform movement, self-protection and so on.

Electric roller curtain:

In the curtain market, automation has become a trend, of course, for this kind of curtain price is still relatively high, electric curtain has anti-ultraviolet, environmental protection and energy saving, beautify the environment, save indoor space and other functions, suitable for a variety of office places and apartment buildings.

It has become a more popular class of products on the market in our country, and it runs very smoothly.

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Post time: Nov-17-2023


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