[Fabric out door roller shades hanging method] Curtain style classification of fabric curtain hanging method

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[Fabric out door roller shades hanging method] Curtain style classification of fabric curtain hanging method

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Curtains are household products that we use in every family. Curtains can often reflect the taste of a family owner, but do you know that the hanging of out door roller shades is also very exquisite. Different hanging methods of the same curtain can also have different feelings, and then introduce the curtain hanging method in detail.

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Curtain fabric style classification:​

out door roller shades

1. According to the structure, there are three kinds: simple type, guideway type and box type.

Out door roller shades fabric style classification:​

2.According to the lighting division light, semi-transparent, opaque three. 

3.According to the form of out door roller shades: often used in Windows with window boxes. Can be matched with curtain eyebrows, no track. Production should be fixed fold, easy to install and clean. Lifting curtain: similar to the hanging method of blinds, folded and raised. It can rise and fall according to the strength of the light. Roman Xuan: Common forms without window boxes, decorative. Popular sling type, convenient and quiet, interpretation of the strong European style choose track with pulley is conducive to the use of curtains.

4.According to the length of the floor-to-ceiling window: mostly used in the living room, the use of floor-to-ceiling glass Windows. Bay window: Hong Kong style, suitable for wider window sills. Half window: According to the window type, the lower curtain exceeds the window sill about 30 cm and does not reach the ground. High curtain: suitable for the space of more than 3 meters window type.

What are the hanging methods of fabric curtains:​

1, vertical curtain This style is the simplest curtain, you can buy color cloth, floral cloth, decorative cloth, etc., according to the size of the window. The top of the curtain has a ring, a trip, and a tube, which can be used when it is inserted into the curtain rod. The top of the curtain has no pleats, single pleats, double pleats and other distinctions.

2, top set curtains top set is a more economical method of hanging curtains and drapery, because this method does not need pulleys, hooks and pleated belt, directly the curtain rod into the top set hung on the wall nail, the top of the curtain with lined cloth creases, the top set above the ruffled edge, the decoration is more soft, this style is used for smaller Windows. 

3, open door curtains Open door curtains are used for larger Windows, left and right each curtain, can be all opened, can also be tied up. The top multi-purpose curtain ring set into the rod or rod, both ends of the pulley, with a rope to switch. 

4, string hanging fancy curtains in the equal parts of the curtain pleated string, forming a regular arc crepe, put down the pleat thin, pull the pleat dense. If you use glossy silk, the fruit will be more bright and beautiful. Both sides of the curtain and the bottom edge can be made of different colors.

Correct installation of out door roller shades​

Once you've chosen the perfect blackout shades for your home theater room, it's important that you install them correctly to block light. Make sure that the out door roller shades completely cover the window and that there are no gaps where light can enter. You may also consider installing a double curtain rod to add an extra layer of light blocking. With the room darkening window treatments installed correctly, you will be able to enjoy your favorite movies in total darkness, as if you were in a real cinema, since the light will be completely blocked, preventing it from reflecting on your screens; You will also have more silence, privacy, and a more comfortable environment.

Rolling curtain is one of the window decoration products, is the curtain cloth processed by resin, rolled into a roller, using a rope or chain to rise and fall, simple and convenient operation, with a beautiful appearance and simple, making the window frame look clean and neat, so that the whole room looks spacious and simple. Through the above introduction I believe that you must have a certain understanding of the choice of curtains!

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Post time: Nov-01-2023


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