Roller blind type suitable for large windows

Today, we will discuss the best roller blinds for large windows. When it comes to covering large windows, we always have questions about which type of roller blind to choose, but if you continue reading, we will provide you with some tips to make it easier for you to do it.

Roller blind type for large windows. There are many types of blinds on the market, but we will focus on the three models recommended for large windows.

 Double roller blinds

Plain weave roller blinds.

A type of blinds with tubes and rolled fabric, the height of which we can adjust to allow more or less light to enter the room. It is the best-selling blind type because it is very easy to maintain and clean. When combining it with the aesthetics of the room, it will be very easy because you can choose from a wide variety of plain weave roller blinds and opacity. On our website, we have countless colors and textures, so you can choose the one that best suits your house.


You can cover large windows with plain weave roller blinds, most roller blinds can be made up to 3m long.

 Plain weave roller blinds.

Vertical roller blinds.

When dressing up large windows, vertical roller blinds may be one of the most elegant choices. They can be 89mm or 127mm, they can be rotated around their vertical axis to adjust the entrance of light, we can fully open the vertical roller blinds, make them perpendicular to the window, or keep them in the most closed position, parallel to the window. They can be made from any fabric in our online catalog.

 panel sliding blinds and vertical roller blinds

Japanese panel.

In terms of covering large windows, Japanese panels are one of the most popular products, especially their modern style and versatility. Its custom manufacturing and customization make it a product that people pay attention to. Just like in a commercial setting, both look good at home. These fabric panels move horizontally along rails or rails, overlapping and crossing each other to prevent light from passing through.


On our website, we offer a variety of fabrics and colors, and you can also choose to customize them. With this option, we can choose the image we like most and match the room. Original option.


The styles of roller blinds are different, everyone can contribute something, but when we dare to recommend a model, we recommend roller blinds, because it allows you to fully adjust the light, can fully raise or lower the light, so as to cover all Glass realizes complete isolation from the outside world and keeps the privacy of the room.

Post time: Jan-07-2021


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