Roller blinds on the balcony a better choice

In order to prevent sunlight from entering the room, fabric roller blind or different types of roller blinds can be used, but the latter is more practical and comfortable. But which one to choose? When you see the entire roller blind classification, your eyes will open wide. Smooth or textured, jacquard or patterned, they are all made of different materials. You have to consider various pros and cons.



To choose the desired design, you need to take into account all the differences on the balcony, so let us consider how to classify the roller blinds according to the structure type:


Horizontal roller blinds-balconies are most needed because they are the most practical and easy to use.


Vertical roller blinds-this type can adjust the distribution of sunlight from the street.


Classic plain weave roller blinds-they are the most versatile and represent the largest range of roller blinds.


Roman roller blinds are usually made of synthetic fiber polyester (so as not to lose shape), they can perfectly decorate houses.


What are the advantages of roller blinds on the balcony?

Balcony roller blinds are bought because they have many advantages:


Durable materials;


Can have multiple designs;


Protect from heat and glances of pedestrians;


Easy to clean;


Roller blinds will not deteriorate and do not need ironing


Rolling shutters and vertical shutters have dust-proof surfaces.


Sun control


Good price;


Long service life: Each type of roller blind is different.


Choose different types of roller blinds for your balcony

The company of the manufacturer of sunscreen decorative products will not stand still and is constantly improving. You can see different types, colors, materials, so now you can easily choose what suits you.


However, the most important rule when choosing a roller shutter on a balcony is the type of glass. If double-glazed windows are only installed on the facade, any type can be selected. If your windows face south, it is best to use light-colored roller blinds. If you have very large panoramic windows, you should choose plain-grain roller blinds or Roman roller blinds (they are not very heavy and are great for large windows). Please also consider the fact that vertical roller blinds are a bit noisy, but moisture-proof. Suitable for tall and large windows.


As for the size, you need to consider in advance where to install the shutter: on the window frame itself, on the wall or on the window.


You can also use roller shutters instead of doors. In most cases, they use vertical or horizontal roller blinds, and as you can see, the choices are huge. So choose what you like and change your design.

Post time: Oct-10-2020


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