The advantages and applications of transparent PVC roller blind fabrics

What is transparent PVC roller shutter fabric? PVC roller shutter fabric is a practical and beautiful item, which is essential for designing houses or street corridors. The private residential environment in the city or summer heat allows you to organize comfortable leisure areas on the streets. To ensure that these areas are as practical as possible, the most common is to use transparent PVC roller blind fabrics.


 There are many advantages of using transparent PVC roller blinds fabrics. They are used to decorate terraces and balconies, used in bathrooms, and protect the entrance of the house from dust, snow and dry leaves. Its resistance makes it impossible to feel a gust of wind and rain. The translucent style expands the space visually and creates a special sense of comfort. There are a wide variety of elegant and extraordinary terrace decorations in the form of roadside roller blinds on the windows. The main difference of each species lies in its technical characteristics, and of course the very important role played by material design.



The transparent PVC roller shutter fabric used on the street has many specific qualities. It has many advantages, but you should know some disadvantages in advance. Therefore, it is worth mentioning that first determine what the person is pursuing, and then choose from a pure roller blind. In most cases, this choice is due to the following reasons:


Hope to provide enough space for natural light.

Expand the space visually.

Practical and elegant design of the relaxation area.

It is easy to maintain the material.

Provide enough outdoor space visual effects.

Relatively cheap material cost.

All the above requirements can be fully qualified for transparent PVC roller blind fabrics.



For the bathroom

Transparent PVC roller blind fabric: This roller blind fabric is not only used in street buildings, but also in bathrooms. Usually this material is used in restaurants or cafes to distinguish kitchen work areas. The product is easy to clean, moisture-proof and easy to withstand temperature changes, so these roller blinds can be hung in the kitchen. In this type of installation, roller blinds are often hung on doors and windows. This fixing method allows you to manage and maintain quickly and easily, and easily adjust the amount of sunlight entering the room.


In the hot summer, we like to build lightweight structures in the form of showers. The transparency of the transparent PVC roller blind fabric allows it to be used for natural lighting on the upper part of the wall, while the lower part of the structure is covered with dense colored materials.



Transparent PVC roller shutter fabric in the bathroom

The shower curtain is made of this unique material, the quality of which allows it to retain moisture and prevent water from reaching its limits. It is worth noting that there are many options for this fabric, which can provide the most diverse flavors, and you can even choose PVC blackout roller blinds to protect your privacy. For the bathroom, most of the time, the shutter is placed on the 3D image, and the image of the sea and beach theme and the equipment in large demand are applied. Print photos on fabric.




Therefore, the main qualities of curtains made of PVC fabric:

 The polyvinyl chloride coating provides reliable UV protection and prevents 90% of the sun from penetrating. Thick roller blinds have different colors and can be printed with photos or photos. Usually, they have a variety of design options and can decorate buildings with flavor.


Both transparent and opaque fabric materials have high resistance to mechanical damage, which is why they are held more frequently under strong tension.


This PVC material has moisture-proof and moisture-proof functions, so it can be used for the construction and bathing of outdoor swimming pools. This quality enables buildings built with this material to maintain their integrity for years regardless of weather conditions and operating conditions.


PVC roller blind fabric allows you to make curtains according to various models, including vertical roller blinds, blackout roller blinds, printed PVC roller blinds, and sun-proof roller blinds with different opening factors.


Maintaining these PVC roller blinds is very easy, just clean them with a sponge dipped in soapy water, leaving no traces.

One of the only disadvantages of these roller blinds is that they are not breathable materials. It is impossible for air to penetrate through them, and moisture will stay inside and produce a greenhouse effect. In order to eliminate this phenomenon, the room must have additional ventilation.


If you now have enough knowledge or have a strong interest in transparent PVC roller shutter fabrics, you can get in touch with our UNITEC sales staff, we will try our best to meet all your requirements, whether it is color, size, door Layouts, patterns, labels, packaging, etc.

Post time: Jul-27-2020


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