Tulle roller blinds you need to know

Translucent roller blinds are also referred to simply as tulle roller blinds. For many reasons, these lightweight roller blinds can be regarded as perfect tulle roller blinds. They not only provide privacy during the day, emit bright light, but also provide a certain degree of heat insulation to isolate heat and cold, and have a soft texture, but can do all of this. They are also ideal for layering and can work with blackout roller blinds or zebra roller blinds.



So what do you need to know before installing tulle roller blinds directly? We will introduce the following most common questions and give you tips on how to help you achieve the desired results.


Will tulle roller blinds bring you privacy?

Most transparent tulle roller blind fabrics allow you to see the outside and thus maintain your vision. At the same time, they provide a certain degree of privacy during the day and can isolate you and your space from the outside world.


However, at night, these privacy effects will be reduced, so we recommend adding another layer of roller blinds to provide you with more privacy options, such as blackout roller blinds, Roman roller blinds, or zebra roller blinds.

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Will tulle roller blind block sunlight?

The tulle roller blind acts like a Diffuser, which softens natural light and reduces the glare caused by direct sunlight. They will help protect your interior from UV rays and reduce the risk of discoloration and sun damage to furniture, floors, and soft furniture.


Tulle roller blinds also provide some thermal insulation benefits and help reduce the amount of heat entering your room. It is undoubtedly a bonus in the hot summer. In winter, although we recommend adding another layer of protection to really protect you from the drop in outside temperature, the tulle roller blind will also help keep it cold.



How do I measure tulle roller blinds?

Once you know that you want to use tulle roller blinds to meet your needs, measurement is a simple process. In UNITEC’s customer service, you can tell our sales staff your needs. They will provide you with one-on-one service to meet all your needs, even the size, color, width, packaging, etc. of the product you need.


How much is the tulle roller blind?

The average cost of tulle roller blinds may vary depending on the provider you choose, the fabric you choose, and whether you choose a custom or off-the-shelf product. But our tulle roller blinds are reasonably priced and cost-effective compared to traditional shutters.


If you have a limited budget, but still want to get beautiful picture quality, please consider customizing the product. With the help of our UNITEC, you can save a lot of money by measuring, ordering, and installing your own products.


You can read all about us here first, and then get some free fabric samples with our sales staff. If you have more questions or need suggestions at any stage, please contact us at sales@unitectex.com or send us a quick consultation through our website. We are happy to help you.

Post time: May-11-2020


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