UNITEC zebra roller blinds add different colors to the home space

With the continuous advancement of technology, indoor roller blinds products are constantly developing from manual to electric and intelligent, and strive to provide consumers with a more comfortable experience.


UNITEC zebra roller blinds 

Zebra roller blinds is a smart window decoration. Its intelligence is mainly reflected in its dimming ability. You can configure automation so that it does not require a drawstring, and it can be automatically dimmed with a single tap on the phone. This operation is simpler, smarter and more modern.


In addition to the intelligent dimming function, zebra roller blinds also have some highlights worthy of our attention, which are embodied in the following points:

 UNITEC zebra roller blinds

1. Effectively block ultraviolet rays

When the zebra roller blinds overlap, they can isolate 90% of the ultraviolet rays and protect indoor objects from ultraviolet rays; when they are staggered, they can also isolate 63% of the ultraviolet rays. So that you will not feel dizzy in the house


2. Simple cleaning and maintenance

The surface of the zebra roller blind is treated with high temperature, high pressure and anti-static, and it is not easy to accumulate dust, cleaning and maintenance are simple and convenient, and the fabric is not easy to deform. If you need to maintain the zebra blinds, you only need to prepare a damp cloth and wipe it gently.



3. High safety factor

Zebra roller blinds with very high damage resistance can be configured without any ropes and will not threaten families with children and pets. There is no need to worry about the cable being torn off and hurting children. Greatly increase the safety of children.


These characteristics of zebra roller blinds make it widely applicable. Can decorate houses, hotels, restaurants, offices, office buildings and other places. The zebra roller blinds has a simple appearance and is an ideal choice for modern home and stylish office blinds.

 UNITEC zebra roller blinds


No matter what the decoration style of your house is, zebra roller blinds can be integrated well without any contradiction, simple and stylish feeling.

Generally, colorful zebra roller blinds combine the warmth, simplicity and specific dimming capabilities of fabrics. The dimming form is simple and the operation is simple. This is a very good UV blocking product, and it is also one of the indispensable items for house decoration.


 In fact, it’s not just zebra blinds. There are many types and styles of indoor shading, such as blackout roller blinds, sunscreen roller blinds with different opening factors, vertical roller blinds and so on. These blinds decorations are very suitable for decorating houses, or are the primary choice for privacy protection

Post time: Jul-30-2020


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