Vertical roller blinds and horizontal roller blinds which office is best

Are you looking for the ideal roller blind for your office space, but are uncertain about the horizontal and vertical roller blinds? Well, there are indeed a lot of confusions in choosing the right blind for the office. Especially if there are too many options to choose from. Therefore, when you are looking for the right type of blinds, the following list will help you choose the most suitable roller blind for your requirements.


Vertical blinds and horizontal roller blinds are the most popular choices in the field of blinds decoration because they provide many benefits. Before emphasizing the differences between the two, there are two similarities that make them competitors. First of all, both types of roller blinds excel in blocking ultraviolet light, which helps you maintain a comfortable room temperature. Second, both can be made of various materials, such as PVC, jute, fabric, vinyl, wood, etc. This further increases the variety of these roller blinds.


Therefore, when choosing the perfect roller blind for a window, you must pay attention to the following three points:


What is your window size?

What is the opening and closing mechanism of the window?

What is the theme of the room decoration?

With these points in mind, analyze the differences listed below and decide for yourself!


The difference between vertical and horizontal roller blinds:


1. Maintenance 

 Choosing the right roller blind for windows depends largely on their cleaning and maintenance. In order to maintain the service life of the roller blind, it must be cleaned frequently. Cleaning is not a difficult task, but the time required for cleaning is different from here. Compared with vertical roller blinds, cleaning horizontal blinds takes more time. The vertical blinds can be cleaned in one go, and the horizontal roller blind is also attached with various other devices, so it is difficult to clean.


2. Compatibility


Choosing the best type of roller blind for your window depends largely on the size of the window. If your room has large windows, vertical blinds will be more compatible when opened sideways. On the other hand, horizontal roller blinds are best used when you open and close smaller windows.


3. The direction of sunlight

When choosing the right shutters for your professional environment, the direction of sunlight is also a key factor. Generally, for windows facing east or west, vertical blinds are best. On the other hand, for windows facing north or south, horizontal blinds are installed.


4. Slat size

 Compared with horizontal blinds, the slats of vertical roller blinds are larger. Moreover, although the slats of the horizontal blinds do not touch the floor, the slats of the vertical roller blind are easy to handle vertically. Therefore, depending on the office settings, you can decide which type is most suitable. You can choose from various roller blinds in UNITEC’s product list and enhance the beauty of the office.


5. Privacy 

 Although it turns out that vertical roller blinds can effectively provide sun protection, they usually let some light in and may disturb your privacy. On the other hand, since the horizontal roller blind allows little light to pass through, it has better privacy. Therefore, with horizontal roller blinds, your commercial space exposure will be greatly reduced. But if you choose shading fabric to make vertical roller blinds, then this problem will be solved.


We hope that the above solutions can help you choose the roller blind fabric suitable for your office. All different types of roller blinds in UNITEC can be customized with vertical roller blinds. And more and more homes or offices are using vertical roller blinds. As a professional supplier, we not only have a very good production department to meet your product requirements, whether it is length, packaging, labels, width, etc. but also our professional after-sales team will be layered. The quality of your product. If you are interested in our products, you can get in touch with us!

Post time: Jul-06-2020


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