What is an electric roller blind?

Since the roller blind has continued our lives since the last century, the roller blind has become a common and essential element in many homes and offices. It is an element that controls the entry of natural light through doors and windows. At present, UNITEC has a variety of blinds, their structure, materials and driving methods are different, and one of the most important aspects in the development of motorized electric roller blinds.

 automatic roller blinds

Definition of electric roller blinds

Electric blinds are roller blinds with a mechanism driven by an electric motor. Except for pressing a switch, they can be stretched without any human operation.


At the beginning, the blinds are manually opened and pulled down, and then the rope mechanism and pulleys, gimbal or crank are incorporated to facilitate the lifting of the roller blind fabric.


With the development of electric motors, it is easy to predict that their applications will cover anything that needs to be moved, and roller blinds are no exception.

 automatic roller blinds

Function of electric electric roller blind

The main feature of such electric roller blinds is that they have an electric motor for operation.

This feature makes them susceptible to certain types of automated applications or the use of remote controls or remote controls, such as on other devices in our home (such as TVs).


Advances in the field of home automation have made it possible to create more complex systems that allow some form of extension and contraction programming, combined with solar sensors to control the temperature of indoor spaces, which has application value in some respects.


Electric blinds with the most advanced control functions provide great comfort and safety for the indoor space of our house.

 10 reasons to like electric roller blinds

Advantages and disadvantages of installing these electric roller blinds


It is easy to develop and adapt. This is achieved by the development of a series of motors designed to automate the blinds. By purchasing the corresponding kit, almost any type of roller blind can be motorized.

They are an advantage for people with some kind of physical impairment or mobility impairments because they can be controlled by a remote control.

Similarly, electric roller blinds can be installed in places that are difficult to operate manually.

Electric roller blinds can be used as a supplement to the house anti-theft security system, because in some cases they can replace the cross bars on the windows.

In addition, electric roller blinds are convincing because they can simulate the presence of people in the house through remote programming or control.

They allow multiple roller blinds to be controlled from the same remote control, thereby reducing workload and improving quality of life.

The combination of home automation and control systems can make them active components for temperature control and indoor space comfort, and can also save energy.


electric electric roller blindckout-shades

Disadvantages or disadvantages:

Such electric roller blinds are more expensive than manual roller blinds because they are equipped with electric motors and some control elements.

They require power, which represents additional energy costs.

It requires professionals to install and maintain

These blinds are more expensive than manual blinds because they have mechanical and electrical components that need to be installed.


Final summary

Electric roller blinds are an element of temperature control in the interior space of our house. Recently, blinds have gained some value as a safety function.

Daily and seasonal changes in external lighting and temperature make different types of roller blinds a practical element for adjusting the comfort conditions of indoor spaces.

Post time: Jan-28-2021


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