What is roller screen fabric?

What is roller screen fabric?

The roller screen fabric provides visibility and solar filtration to spaces

Have you seen a new type of minimalist design blinds or curtains? This type of roller blinds that have become fashionable in all offices where creatives work and in which they want to provide a pleasant design to their workers, correspond to roller screens.

Roller screens are roller blinds, built from a micro-perforated fabric, which is responsible for filtering harmful ultraviolet rays and also covers excessive light.

One of its main characteristics is that it is transparent, which does not mean that it is not heat-insulating. What's more, it has an advantage over other types of curtains, since it allows for visibility to the outside.

There are different types of perforation percentages, which give more or less visibility as a filter. Perforations range from 3% visibility to 10%, however, there are some companies that have innovated in technology and can provide their clients with 1% to 15%. We have screen fabric 1%, screen fabric 3%, screen 5%, and screen 10%.

Post time: Nov-13-2021


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