Renew your spaces to start new cycles with roller blinds

There are probably endless situations that make it very difficult for us to maintain order and decoration in our home, interior decoration and roller blinds... whether they are children, pets, a fast-paced life or other factors that make our home no longer comfortable to look at, which often affects our mood.

roller blinds

If that is your case, you can try a renovation that not only beautifies your home, but also implies a change of cycle, a new beginning for you and for others. The window coverings are the important and essential part first, such as roller blinds, vertical blinds, zebra blinds and so on.


As a way to start a change, you can start by getting rid of everything you don’t use, either by giving away what you have always kept, believing that one day you will use it, or by putting it up for sale.


That same action of getting rid of certain material things, you can turn it into a rite of liberation, by “letting things flow”. In this way, you will bet on a minimalist home or space, which generates greater depth and visual cleanliness in the spaces.
Japanese businesswoman Marie Kondo knows this very well, who has become famous for the Netflix series with her method “KonMarie”, to organize and keep places in harmony.


After this first stage, comes the planning of your interior design and window blinds. For this we must think about what sensation we want to achieve in a certain space, and how we can make the decoration contribute to it.
If we want to feel calm, it is best to approach neutral tones or wood color. We can also decorate with similar colors that create harmony or relaxation, such as green, teal and blue.
Another option -depending on what you want to achieve- is to decorate a space where a light color prevails, and is complemented with two additional colors, which give contrast to the spaces. For example, they can be white walls or curtains, with touches of blue or yellow in the furniture or other elements.
Depending on the feeling you want to achieve, your decoration can be based on colors, or on certain types of environments, such as: ecological, minimalist, Japanese, vintage, romantic or other.
To do this, you can make a plan with the rest of the inhabitants of the home, inviting them to an instance of family participation.
The idea is that any change you propose is accompanied by an inner process that allows new things to enter your life and that of the people around you.

Post time: May-23-2022


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