Roller Shades and windows, an equipment that must not fail

Choose the correct roller shades for each type of window


It is very important that before buying roller shades you analyze what type of roller shades fabric would be the best option for that type of window, since due to the entry of light or the way it opens, you will be able to choose the most convenient roller shades.

roller shades sunscreen


Here are some tips for choosing the correct roller shades:


• For the kitchen: Square and sliding windows either to one side or up are very common in kitchens, for this we recommend roller blinds, which have the ability to be stored by lifting them so they will allow your windows to be free for passage. of the air and it will be safer when cooking. At UNITEC, We recommend you the sunscreen roller shades or PVC blackout roller shades.


• If you have a very large window, feel confident to put a long fabric curtain (the traditional ones) that falls to the floor as it will not steal the window’s field of vision. Avoid if the window is medium or small.


• If you have a window near the ceiling that gives you a beautiful view of the sunsets and the starry nights of your city, I advise you to look for a roller blinds again, but this time in its screen mode or blinds would be a good option too.


So now you know, don’t stay with just one type of roller shades in your whole house, take advantage of the wide variety of models and fall in love with your home.

Post time: Jun-07-2021


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