Introduction of UNITEC’s Zebra Roller Blinds.

Whether you know about zebra shutters before, please read on to learn more about the subject. The zebra roller blinds on the market are all horizontal bands that combine translucent or opaque and transparent bands. These roller blinds provide a good view during the day and maintain our privacy at night. There is no doubt that day and night roller blinds are the most suitable person to control the light entering the room and choose the decorative element


Next, we will introduce you to the zebra roller blind (day and night roller blind) on the UNITEC website


The most original is the UNZ02 series of zebra roller blinds, whose horizontal bands form a highly original wave visual effect. Most of them are made of 100% polyester, a translucent fabric shutter, with a variety of available shades: brown, tan and gray. It is the cheapest roller blind


The heavy polyester zebra roller blind UNZ14 series is a roller blind made of high-density polyester. After all, it is thick and has a certain degree of light resistance, which is very suitable for rooms exposed to the sun. When the overlap is pulled down, the outside crowd cannot see the inside of the house.


Blackout zebra roller blind UNZ09 series. As the name suggests, this is a light-shielding fabric, and its flat webbing will be opaque. Therefore, unless an opaque tape is combined with a transparent tape, it will prevent light from entering the room. In order to completely close the light path, the shutters must be opened to show all the smooth fabric bands covering the transparent strips.


Triple zebra roller blinds. They combine three different shades of horizontal bands. Various possibilities of combination. It is also made of 100% polyester, and the shelf life can reach 4-5 years indoors.


The above zebra roller blinds can provide customized services, which is the cheapest and best-selling roller blind in our category. If you want to decorate any living room or room with low price all-weather blackout curtains, but the quality of the product is not much different, then this will be the right product. The best-selling shades of this product are white, linen or light gray. The pastel colors can be matched with any decoration.

 Day and Night Roller-Blinds-Fabric


Except for blackout and thick zebra roller blinds, it is not recommended to use the rest of day and night blinds in rooms with strong sunlight. Because this will destroy the roller blind and destroy its life. You can check our latest product-sunscreen zebra roller blind


On our website, you can choose the size and type you need. If you have any questions about roller blinds, you can get in touch with us as soon as possible, whether it is your product customization or packaging, labeling, length, quantity , Patterns, colors, etc., we will try our best to meet your needs

If you wish, you can request free samples to see the fabrics yourself. This is a completely free service.

Post time: Nov-11-2020


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